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PlayBox App Is One Of The Best Entertainment Apps

playbox HD app

There are apps that tell, they offer everything for free, and there is app that does what they say. Playbox happens to be one of those apps, and it is the solution to all your entertainment needs. With Playbox you can watch the latest movies, TV shows that you don’t normally find on YouTube. The app has a lot to offer, and you should be a fool not to have heard of it. No matter. Now you have. Here are the ways you can get your hands on and what features the app exactly offers.

First things first, the app offers everything for free, and there are no subscription needed because you can basically access some of the most premium features without having to pay a single penny which is great because the only money you’ll have to spend on now is the internet data, which comes pretty cheap these days. The Playbox app cares for all its users and comes with a special feature called the speed enhancer for those who tend to suffer from limited or low internet connection. What the feature does is that it’s basically boosted up your internet connection when the feature is switched on so that you can enjoy buffer free or freeze-free video watching experience.


One of the many things that we really liked is the number of categories the app offers which makes it easy to find new gems. The genre category is really helping if one wants to dig in their favorite genres. Alternatively one can use the search bar to look up for videos whose names are already known to the user. Then again you might ask how will you know if a film or show is worth your time of you know nothings about it. Each video in the app offers a number of things by which you can find out if you would like to watch the video after all. There is a synopsis of the story, information on the cast and crew trivia, options to rate and comment. The comment section is one of our favorite. You can go through the comment section and find out what the fellow users are saying. You can even interact with them by leaving a comment in the section, and upon getting a reply, you’ll send a notification so that you can get back to them as soon as possible.


Getting down to business, let’s talk about how you can use the app in your Android handset as well as PC. Before you get the app on your phone, you need to make a few changes. Go to Settings>Security>then turn on ‘Unknown Resources.' So after that, you need to go to Google and search for the Playbox apk. Download the app from the first link that you can get and then the app will download and install on its own. After this, all you’ll need to do is restart the app, and that’s all. Now you can enjoy the Playbox along with all its amenities in your handset. Entertainment comes at your fingertips. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about the app and tell us if you face any sort of problem, in the comment section below.

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