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SHAREit latest Features: Check Out the Great Features of the App

SHAREit is a free app that has made our lives too easy with its incredible sharing benefits. This amazing app lets you send any content at a lightning speed. The users can send photos, videos, music, documents, and folders between devices, which have the same app. SHAREit can be downloaded in PCs too and can transfer gigabytes of files from PC to PC or in between phones in minutes, without cables, USB drives or network charges. Here are some of the latest SHAREit features to give you an apt picture of its performance.

Here are some of the astonishing SHAREit features that will attract you to install it, as this app can make your life easier and speedier.

Back Up Photos from Phone to PC

Here you can back up your photos to your PC using SHAREit with just one tap to save the storage on your mobile phone. With this, the user will never have to worry about the excess items, as they can easily add to the storage on your phone. By backing up photos from your phone to PC, it offers you more space on your phone and freedom to add more pictures.

Remote View

'Remote View' is a quick and easy tool to hunt for the PC files and folders from your phone. with the finding of the contents, the document on your phone can be displayed, played or SHARE directly from your phone.

Powerpoint Control

With the SHAREit on your mobile phone, you can control your PowerPoint slides on a PC or projector. So the users do not need to use a mouse or a separate clicker while in between the PowerPoint presentation. With the facility, you can walk around the conference room or classroom to interact with your audience when presenting.


Through this app, the user can showcase content from your phone to your PC. So that, your friends can get a glimpse of your contents through this SHAREit feature.

Phone to Phone

SHAREit offers the easiest way to send content from the phone to phone. Just push the send button and pick the content you want to send, choose the receiver and hit the send button! You will be connected to send files.

PC Connection

SHAREit is great for exchanging data PC to PC. Just choose your friend or colleague and begin transferring content back and forth between devices. But too much distance can affect the transferring.


SHAREit is a great app to transfer big files in almost no time. Thus it can be a great help for office usage, study help and even connecting with family and friends. Thus go through the interesting and latest features of SHAREit and then just download it from Google Play Store and enjoy sharing.

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